Better Days

by Red Eye Junction

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    A lot has changed for REJ since their last album in 2009. With a new drummer and guitar superstar, REJ releases their third studio album 'Better Days.' The album is fourteen songs of uncompromising, hard hitting country and western music straight from the bottle and into your heart. This album was a years worth of song writing and six months of studio time and recording sessions. A stark contrast to their first album recorded over two weekends in a garage. Thanks for stopping by and giving the new album a spin.

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    "Red Eye Junction lead singer Reid Cain has a voice made for heartbreak. In “Better Days,” the latest from San Luis Obispo’s honky-tonk heroes, he sings about hangovers, hardship and missed opportunities. The album travels the entire romantic spectrum, from the first heady days of puppy love ( “The Brightest Star”) to the painful end ( “Walk Away”). Whether he’s mourning a lost love ( “April”) or welcoming a new one ( “A Little Wild”), however, Cain’s tenor twang serves as the perfect counterpoint to the band’s classic country sound.
    -Sarah Linn, San Luis Obispo Tribune News"
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released May 25, 2010


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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Track Name: First Light of Dawn (free download)
The sheriff, a family and the man in the gallows
Stand waiting for the first light of dawn
The sheriff found him there
Near the border South of Tucson
He tracked him out a thousand miles across the range
He'd held a ticket for the morning train to Nogales
Had he caught it he'd a surely got away
A wife kissed her husband as he headed out that morning
She couldn't know that it would be her last good bye
She'll raise her son the best she can manage
Sell the business with the blood stains on the wall
When money’s owed it can mean a lot of pressure
He saw shadow in the back room of the store
He raised his gun but he hadn't meant to fire
A moments panic and a man fell to the floor
Track Name: Dog Tired
Well I'm dog tired of this dead end town
Gonna pack it up and head on down the road
It ain't much that I leave behind
An empty house and a lonely life, Oh Lord.
Going to find myself some better days
Its not like me to cut and run
But it's all been said and what's done is done
Gonna find myself a brand new start
Somewhere I can heal this heart
It started out like anything
Long kisses then wedding rings, of gold
It wasn't long before the downward slide
The day you left I made up my mind, to go
Going to find my self some better days
Leave it all, everything I own
Don't need much without this home, or you
Well I'm dog tired of this dead end town
Gonna pack it up and head on down, the road
Track Name: Saturday Night
I've been down a time or two my darling
I held Queens while she showed ace's high
I took a chance and end up near a cryin'
No one to blame for I've gambled away my life
I'm gonna pray on Sunday morning
For what I done on Saturday night
I've been known to drink all night ‘til morning
I'm ashamed to say that bottle’s my best friend
Mister won't you listen heed my warning
The bottom of that bottle is the end
Now I've been known to go and lose my temper
Come out swinging hardly a reason why
Often its the last thing I remember
Is stumbling home wearing two black eyes
Track Name: Brightest Star
It's felt a long time coming
But the weekends finally here, let’s take some time
Dinner in the back yard, some California wine
Sounds just right
Kick off those old work shoes
And let's forget the time
When he sun goes down
You'll be the brightest star tonight
I got the kids off with the neighbors.
It’s time, for you and I to have some fun
They're going to be there ‘til morning,
Now put your hand in mine and let’s get wild
I don't think you could be more beautiful tonight
In my eyes
This time we have's a diamond, and just as hard to find, So let it shine
Take off that old work dress, and let’s ignite the fire
When he sun goes down
You'll be the brightest star tonight
Track Name: The Roses
I feel alright 'til the night comes
Lessons of the heart I never seem to learn
This emptiness I've come to know
Is a truth I battle 'til the dawn
I can't say the writing wasn't on the wall
With my back against it I didn't see at all
I'm the one to blame for the awful shape I'm in
I've thrown away the roses again
I played your love like a game
Its no surprise I couldn't win
Your love's a dangerous game
One I couldn’t hope to win
I've thrown away the roses again
Track Name: Beer Bottles Clinkin'
I love the sound of beer bottles clinkin'
Music on the jukebox some dude singing
Guitar strumming everybody swinging and a swaying
Singing loud & proud on Saturday night
I punch that clock at the end of the day
Weekend work drives me insane
So I head to the local bar of mine
Oh thank Lord time to unwind
Here comes trouble walkin' in
Five foot nine tall and slim
I said what brings you to this place
I fell in love when I heard her say
One more hour till closing time
It’s all right Hell we feel fine
With yer drinks in hand come gather round’
Hold yer bottles high lets shout out loud...
Track Name: A Little Wild
She might be a little wild, but that don't mean she's crazy
Hell, I don't like ‘em tame, and everyday she seems to amaze me
There's a whole lot of fire in those pretty blue eyes
She packs a hell of a punch for gal her size
She likes to get on a buzz and head on down to Main Street
Drink a bit a whiskey, make a whole lot of noise
She can pour it down with the best of the boys
She gonna drink, fight, stay out all night
Turn you around if you’ve been living right
She might swear like a sailor but
I guess it just don't phase me
She drives a big old, beat up, pick up truck
held together with love and a hand full of luck
She might be a little wild, but that don't mean she's crazy
Track Name: April
A freezing winter followed a rainy fall
With April here it seemed an early thaw
That summer love didn't seem so far away
But April was gone by May
With April storms didn't seem to stick around
The sun would break and the wind would settle down
Now what went wrong is really hard to say
And April was gone by May
April will be back next year I know
But it won't be the one I'm praying for
Those seasons change and the world it still spins
With April gone I'm lonesome once again
I thought my heart would finally have it's way
But April was gone by May
Track Name: Busted
This ain't the first time I been busted
Chances are it ain't the last
Living on the day to day now
Looking for a way to somehow
Turn it back around
The stairs I climb they lead to nowhere
Down a lonely hallway to my room
By the bed there's an empty bottle
Plastic roses on the mantle
Like memories they never fade
Sometimes life moves on with out you
With different roads and changing ways
I know this ain't the life you dreamed of
And I can only guess that your love
Had gotten tired of the wait.
Track Name: Walk Away
We tried, and tried, to finally close the door
This game, we play, is getting older everyday
I'm gonna find the strength to walk away
I'll leave, move on, just to turn right back around
This time, I swear, when the tear drops are falling down
We're going to find the strength to walk away
I know it’s tough but it’s useless to pretend
This path we're on hasn’t finally reached an end
Can that flower of love bloom once again
My heart, can't stand, to see you in misery
It's been, some time, since you felt so wild and free
Can you find the strength to finally walk away
Track Name: Promises
Your promises, have all been broken
Words from your lips, they're just twisted lies
Your promises have all been broken
So when I leave, you won't have to question why
You promised me that I was your only
You said you weren't the cheating kind
Well then I saw you holding a stranger
And it’s been weighting heavy on my mind
You told me you don't care about money
But then you go and spend all mine
When it was gone you found it oh so funny
And found some where else to spend your time
Track Name: Diamond Ring
That diamond ring
She's going to wear his diamond ring
I'm going to wear his diamond ring
When I was young man to blind to see
She tried to make an honest man of me
Now it’s all over she's moved along
And I'm still spending my nights alone
You had your chance but I found a man
Who's willing and ready to take my hand
Now it’s all over I've moved along
Sorry you're spending your nights alone
Track Name: One by One
One last tear, may fall from my eyes
One last time, you're going to hear me say good bye
So turn your face against the wall
If you don't want to see me go
One by one, I've counted up your lies
One last chance, I gave you
But I don't think that you tried
You try to kick me when I'm down
So I don't think I'm coming back around
One more fool, I guess that you can add me to that list
One more kiss, remember it
Cause I can't live like this
So if you're thinking one last word
Let me have it, I'm near out the door
Track Name: The Streets
In deep work through the pain,
Booze pills and that devil cocaine
Wolves howling through the night,
Everyday is another fight
Stiletto heels and a switchblade knife
Much younger than her face will show
Chained to the streets when she was just a girl
Each time those sirens scream
She hopes to wake from this broken dream
Stilleto heels and a switchblade knife
Fishnets, mini and a face so fine,
Much better than the welfare line
Getting on means getting paid
Scars cut like razor blades
Stilleto heels and a switchblade knife

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