In The Shadows

by Red Eye Junction

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Red Eye Junction drifts along the path of traditional Country and Western music and takes it a step further. Like their heroes Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash, REJ present a classic yet surprisingly fresh take on hard hittin’ American country music. REJ hits the stage with the swagger of the great outlaw country artist and the professionalism of their contemporary counter parts. Their original numbers sound like they would fit right in on your favorite Country Gold radio stations play list. REJ has respect for the guys who wrote the book and broke the mold of the watered down Nashville style. Make it a point to get on board next time they hit your town. Be sure to bring plenty a fightin’ words, whiskey money, and your cheatin’ heart…


released December 12, 2008

Dr. Cain- Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Jackpot Jon Clarke- Lead Guitar, vocals, harmonica track 7
C.C. Hoffman- Bass
Mr. Buck Dylan- Drums, harmonica

Greg Clarke- Mandolin, fiddle. Tracks 3, 7, 9, 10, 11
Tommy Butler- Pedal Steel guitar. Tracks 2, 3, 6, 8,10, 11, 12
Jim Thurman- Banjo, mandolin. Tracks 9, 15
Racheal Burruel- Backing vocals. Tracks 3, 14
Joel Tolbert- Dobro. Track 14


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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Track Name: Gone Again (free download)
Gone Again
R. Cain 2008

(D) You only come (G) see you when you’re (A7) lonely
(G) And I'm lucky if its (A7) for a night or (D) two
(D) The phone will ring (G) but I don’t want to (A7) answer
(G) For fear of hearing (A7) you say that we’re (D) through

(G) I always (A7) fear the (D) dawn
(G) When I (A7) hold you in my (D) arms
(G) For I know (A7) when I wake (D) up
you’ll be (G) gone, long (A7) gone, gone again (D)

(D) I met your folks though (G) you said you were (A7) nervous
(G) About your path in life that you (A7) haven’t lived at (D) all
(D) We started young but (G) I don’t think that (A7) matters
(G) My love for you has been (A7) solid all (D) along


(D) Moving on is (G) something we’ve (A7) considered
(G) But this small town’s kind of (A7) short on lonely (D) hearts
(D) I’m not saying that the (G)…best of (A7) reasons
(G) When I’m writing up a (A7) list that’s where I (D) start
Track Name: Tonight

(G) Got the weekend off and a (D) hundred dollar bill
(G) A case a beer and (C) bottle o’ swill
(G) gonna take you for a (D) night out on the (G) town

(G) Get your blue jeans on (D) and your hair done
(G) Bring your coat we’ll (C) be out all night
(G) Leave your worries behind, (D) we’re gonna have (G) time

(Am)I can’t tell you where we’ll be
A day, a week, a month, a year from (G) now
(Am) But there’s no place I’d rather be
Then (C) here with you for a (D) time out on the (G) town

(G) We’ll head on down to (D) Old King Row
(G) Dance until dawn and (C) wear out our shoes
(G) And when the sun comes up, (D) we’ll be doing (G) fine

(G) Old lady luck finally (D) come my way,
(G) It feels so great to have you (C) here with me
(G) Slip in here close and (D) put your hand in (G) mine
Track Name: These Five Strings
These Five Strings
(R. Cain 2008) Capo 1

(D) These five strings, those white (C) lines, and this old (D) bottle
Put a lot of miles (C) between your heart and (D) mine
Taking those (C) wrong turns on the (A) back roads leading (G) nowhere
It only (C) serves to (A) drive me far (D) away

These five strings those white lines and this old bottle
Hold me tighter than those rusty prison chains
It’s hard to be a man while I’m weight down by these shackles
I know you tried but you can’t set me free

(Em) When you wake up tomorrow (D)
Take our picture off the wall
Give away my clothes and records
(C) Forget my name and (A) pray that I stay (D) gone

These five strings those white lines and this old bottle
Help pass the time and kill those memories
Of the lies I told, your nights alone and my heavy way of living
May the next in line not be a bit like me

Track Name: Standing In the Shadows
Standing in the Shadows
(R. Cain)

(A) Here I stand
(C) A broken man
(D) I should have seen it coming long ago

(A) Staying out
(C) And running’ round
(D) I guess I’ve known it was time to go

(A) Now I can see
(C) You’re love for me
(D) Was nothing but a sympathetic show

(A) He was there
(C) So straight and fair
(D) Just waiting in the shadows
(E) And…

(E) I see
(D)That he’s a better man than (G) me
(E) I know
(D) That you’ve got places (G) to go
(E) And I find
(D) That you’ve wasted all this (G) time,
(C) Trying to make things (G) right,
(C) Trying not to (G) fight
(C) I hate to think of the man that I’ve (D) become

(A) I never took
(C) The time to I say
(D) I hope you see some brighter days

(A) But I believe
(C) You’ll find relief
(D) From the pain that you endured

(A) What could have been
(C) Had I been strong
(D) Is a love that never died.

Here I am
A broken man
Now standing in the shadows (E)
Track Name: Anytown
(R.Cain) 2008

(G) Anytown is (C) where, (D)
(C) I was born and (G) raised

Any town is where
My heart will always be

Anytown is where
I feel that I belong

Anytown is where
They’re gonna lay me (E#m) down

(C) I grew up on the south side just off 6th and (G) main
(C) I had my first kiss where, they used to run the (G) train
And houses on the old ranch, where Anyone’s cattle used to roam
But I guess that I can’t blame them, it’s a nice place to call (D) home

I moved to the city, when I finally turned eighteen
But bright lights and the night life just didn’t fit with me
Surrounded by a million souls, I never felt more alone
And after ten long years of missing you, I finally came back home

I heard that you had been doing well, but you didn’t wear a ring
And I said ‘Will you marry me’ where they used to run the train
We moved out to the old ranch, where the cattle used to roam
I love here in Anytown, Hell it’s the place I call home
Track Name: The Only One
The Only One
(R. Cain 2008)

(D) As I sit here in this lonely room
(D) These pictures in my mind
(C) Dreaming About the (G) life I’d like to (D) find

(D) but it brings me consolation
(D) dries these teardrops from my eyes
(C) just to know, (G) I’m not the only (D) one.

(G) That haunts these (C) smoky bar rooms late at (D) night
(G) And walks the streets (C) until the morning (D) light
(G) Wishing for a (C) hand to hold
(G) Some comfort from this (C) bitter cold
(G) Just to know, I’m (C) not the only (D) one

(D) I know you’re out there some where
(D) Lonesome just like me
(C) Looking for the man (G) that I can (D) be

(D) I see them everywhere I go
(D) Sitting all alone
(C) It’s how I know, (G) I’m not the only (D) one.
Track Name: BIlly
R. Cain

(A) Billy was a strong man, you could (C) tell by his rugged (D) hands and his old (A) tattoos
(A) 20 years he worked the mill (C) but it never was (D) enough when the bills came (A) due
Billy was good man, for his family’s sake he always did come through
Billy was an honest man, but it’s hard to say what a desperate man will do

(E) So it should come as no (A) surprised
(E) The things a desperate man will (A) try
(E) When the future of his (D) family’s on the (A) line

Well I bet you’d do the same
Risk a number for your name
If you had the chance to see that sick girl smile

Billy checked his watch again but he knew the armored truck came in at four
When the time came he was ready, with a shotgun he kicked open the door
“Just give up the money, get down now and relax there on the floor”
He took what he could carry, just enough to buy his little girl a cure

Billy is a lonely man, from town to town he roams with out a home
Fifteen years of running, but it’s been worth every mile to see her grown
He writes her every Sunday from a somewhere off the map and all alone
Billy was a good man, and he gave her life at the high cost of his own
Track Name: Trouble
(R. Cain 2007)

(E) My Momma didn’t name me trouble
(A) But it sure did find my life
(C) And fit my (E) style

(E) I’ve always had a taste for danger
(A) I my talk to the Devil
(C) But I don’t take his (E) advice

(A) I maybe down, I maybe out
I maybe something your momma warned (E) about
(A) I maybe crude, I maybe rude
I maybe someone, just for (E) you

I may flirt with the dice and ponies
And when pay day comes around
I’ll post my bail

I’ve always had a taste for whiskey
I may swim in the bottle
I don’t plan to drown
Track Name: Love's On My Mind
Love's on My Mind
R. Cain 2008

This goes against everything I believe
But I'm going to put it on the line
Last time I saw you, I was at the business
End of your forty five

Baby can you find it in yourself, to take me back this time
Another Chance I don't deserve, but this time I'm going to do you right
Your love's the only thing that's ever, on my mind

Where's this thing going I don't know
But our loves not a passing thing
I'll put down the bottle, lay off the throttle
Get off this crazy train

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