Outlaws & Heroes

by Red Eye Junction

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Outlaw Hero’s R. Cain 2007 (A)My hero’s have (G) always been (A) Outlaws (A)Ever since the (G) time I was a (A) child (A)They taught me about (G) living when my (D) father up and left (A) me (A)I found strength and (G) solace in their (A) songs Johnny told me how to walk that line Don’t take your guns to town and you’ll be fine Don’t get off that train of love for the home of the blues For if you do you’ll cry, cry, cry Waylon said that this might be the last time That it’s not suppose to be that way That a slow moving outlaw has no place left to go But it really doesn’t matter anymore Hank warned of that mansion on the hill How a cheating heart will tell on you If you’re window shopping while you’re out there Honky Tonkin’ You’ll end up on that Lost Highway Extra Verse: Merle tells me that my momma tried George showed me how to drink a beer Willie said ita all right to roll a big ol’ fatty John Denver taught me nothing at all
Haunted Memories R. Cain 2007 Their love had once been the foundation Built upon a trust so pure and deep But she fell for one night of temptation Now their love is just a haunted memory They met one summer by the river Holding hands and walking through the trees As started down life’s path together They swore that there love would always be On that night she hit the town a drinking Throwing care and caution to the wind As the liquor clouded up her thinking She forgot about that man she had at home In tears she met him at the door that Sunday morning He knew that there was nothing left to say Though he knew her pure young heart was breaking He turned without a word and walked away
Wyoming 03:10
Wyoming (R. Cain, C. Hoffman 2007) (D) If that city life starts to drag you down (G) And you’re drawn by the pull of a (C) quiet ol’ town (D) Wyoming (D) It’s just my old lady and my old dog (G) We’ll leave the light on for you (C) when you come along (D) Wyoming (A) Between the Rocky Mountains and the Teton Range (G) If you’re looking for a chance just to get away (D) Wyoming (A) Out where the sagebrush meets the sky (G) It’s a long ways out but it’s worth the drive to (D) Wyoming (D) We’ll take a couple days and drop a line in the Snake (G) We don’t take no account of the (C) time it takes Wyoming (D) Stay up late and we’ll talk ‘till dawn (G) Play some country music (C) on the radio (D) Wyoming (D) My little old house is always open to you (G) So be sure to stop by when (C) you’re passing through Wyoming!
All Over but the Crying R.Cain (C) It seems like yesterday you said (G) good bye (C) Off to take some time and clear your (G) mind (C) I thought that you’d be gone for just a (G) day (C) Now it’s been about a year or so (D) and I think it’s safe to say… CH (G) It’s all over but the crying It’s all over but the (D) lonely nights It’s all over but the (A) tears running down my (C) face And this broken (G) heart It’s all over but the crying It’s all over but the memories It’s all over but the dreams that haunt my sleep And this broken heart I used stop for flowers on my way home And kiss you in the morning before I’d go I took your love for granted now I see I’m not the kind of man you thought I’d be I’m hoping dreaming praying you’ll come home That I won’t to live here all alone But I saw with an old friend holding hands It tore me up inside, but I’m doing the best I can…
Bad Habits 03:07
Bad Habits R. Cain 2007 (G) I can’t get the (A) smell of your (C) cheap cigar (A) ettes out of my clothes And your kisses taste like whiskey, that’s something that everybody knows (C) Some say that my love for you is (G) blind (C) But you got your bad habits I got (D) mine I bite my nails and swear, but baby that don’t seem to bother you at all I stay out all night drinking but I’m always here at home come the break of dawn We over look the little things because of what we share in this short life We tolerate each other and we know that everything will turn out fine
Yesterday’s Tears (R.Cain 2007) (E) Yesterdays tears don’t count (G) today (E) Came to my senses, I can see the (G) way (E) You’ve wasted my time, driven me (G) insane. (A) And yesterdays tears,(G,E) won’t work today Seems everyday, it’s the same old thing Where’s our love gone, where’s my diamond ring? Well you made it all clear, you’re getting in my way And yesterdays tears don’t work today. (A) Ain’t a man alive who can put up with this fighting, panic, craziness, and (E) lies, Lord knows I’ve tried (A) Keeping me up half the night, with this psycho horror show you call your (E) life. I’m losing my mind! (E) Yesterdays tears don’t count (G) today Try to get on track, spread your wings and fly But there’s not enough money, ain’t got no time And yesterdays tears don’t count today
Whither 03:16
Whither R. Cain 2007 He gets up and dawn and He’d put the coffee on just Like he’s done everyday for years Pulls on his old blue jeans and Lace up his boots again and Gets ready for the coming day But this will be the final day They open up the factory gates Pride can’t feed his family But they send his job over the seas The working class has blown away Scattered like dust into the breeze Drifting off to other lands Driven by our price demands How could things go so wrong? Good pay and benefits are gone He’s just a pawn caught in the game And really we’re the ones to blame
You Can’t Break A Broken Heart J. Clarke/ R.Cain 2007 (D) You can’t break a broken heart, that’s (G) already torn apart (A) Darlin’ you should have known from the (D) start (D) You may think you made me blue, (G) but I’ve got news for you (A) Honey you can’t break a broken (D) heart (A) I can’t just stand by, (G) and let you take the (D) blame (E) for something that happened long before, (A) I ever knew your name (D) You may think you done me wrong, (G) I should a known it all along (A) Darlin’ you can’t break a broken (D) heart Girl I know you tried, with your cheatin’ and your lies All the nights you left here alone Well there’s something you should know, before I send you out that door Darlin’ you can’t break this broken heart!
I Spit on Your Grave Today R. Cain 2007 (A) You held the burdens of the (C) world (A) Set deep inside your fragile (C) mind (A) Never asking for a (C) hand (A) From your family or (C) friends Those poisons helped to numb the pain To shield the loneliness within Then the night you took your life I wept for you, my loving (G) wife I spit on your grave today. I hope some day be set free Of the anger I now feel Will bitterness and lonely rage Go as the turning of a page So here I walk now all alone From the graveyard to our home Our poor young boy not yet a man Asks where has his mother (G) been
Anything But Country (G) Well I met this gal she was build just right (C) Hair pulled back and her eyes so bright (D) I picked her up before the show, me my truck and the radio (G) I ask her kindly what she would like to hear (C) Then she leaned over whispered in my ear (D) I couldn’t believe it when I heard her say… “Anything But Country” (G) (G)Well that little gal ain’t around no more (C) I picked her right up and showed her the door. (D) I couldn’t believe it when I heard her say…. “Anything but Country” It was hot as hell come mid July When that handsome by he caught my eye Hanging out by the old juke box, I got my quarters and I leaned in close I ask him kindly what he’d like to hear Then he leaned over whispered in my ear I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say… “Anything But Country” Now I got you and you got me This country boy, and this bride to be Dancing late into the night, When I’m with you it feels just right And when I ask you what you’d like to hear I lean over and whisper in your ear There’s one thing you’ll never hear me say… “Anything but Country”


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This is our First Album for 2007. Recorded at our first drummers garage studio. Features Marci Jean on the song 'Anything But Country.'


released August 9, 2007

Dr. Cain- Rhythm guitar and vocals
Jackpot Jon Clarke- Lead guitar and vocals
C.C. Hoffman- Bass
Mr. Buck Dylan- Drums and harmonica
Greg Clarke- Fiddle
Marci Jean Fambrini- backing vocals on "Anything But Country"


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Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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