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by Red Eye Junction

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Outlaw Hero’s R. Cain 2007 (A)My hero’s have (G) always been (A) Outlaws (A)Ever since the (G) time I was a (A) child (A)They taught me about (G) living when my (D) father up and left (A) me (A)I found strength and (G) solace in their (A) songs Johnny told me how to walk that line Don’t take your guns to town and you’ll be fine Don’t get off that train of love for the home of the blues For if you do you’ll cry, cry, cry Waylon said that this might be the last time That it’s not suppose to be that way That a slow moving outlaw has no place left to go But it really doesn’t matter anymore Hank warned of that mansion on the hill How a cheating heart will tell on you If you’re window shopping while you’re out there Honky Tonkin’ You’ll end up on that Lost Highway Extra Verse: Merle tells me that my momma tried George showed me how to drink a beer Willie said ita all right to roll a big ol’ fatty John Denver taught me nothing at all
Wyoming 03:10
Wyoming (R. Cain, C. Hoffman 2007) (D) If that city life starts to drag you down (G) And you’re drawn by the pull of a (C) quiet ol’ town (D) Wyoming (D) It’s just my old lady and my old dog (G) We’ll leave the light on for you (C) when you come along (D) Wyoming (A) Between the Rocky Mountains and the Teton Range (G) If you’re looking for a chance just to get away (D) Wyoming (A) Out where the sagebrush meets the sky (G) It’s a long ways out but it’s worth the drive to (D) Wyoming (D) We’ll take a couple days and drop a line in the Snake (G) We don’t take no account of the (C) time it takes Wyoming (D) Stay up late and we’ll talk ‘till dawn (G) Play some country music (C) on the radio (D) Wyoming (D) My little old house is always open to you (G) So be sure to stop by when (C) you’re passing through Wyoming!
Yesterday’s Tears (R.Cain 2007) (E) Yesterdays tears don’t count (G) today (E) Came to my senses, I can see the (G) way (E) You’ve wasted my time, driven me (G) insane. (A) And yesterdays tears,(G,E) won’t work today Seems everyday, it’s the same old thing Where’s our love gone, where’s my diamond ring? Well you made it all clear, you’re getting in my way And yesterdays tears don’t work today. (A) Ain’t a man alive who can put up with this fighting, panic, craziness, and (E) lies, Lord knows I’ve tried (A) Keeping me up half the night, with this psycho horror show you call your (E) life. I’m losing my mind! (E) Yesterdays tears don’t count (G) today Try to get on track, spread your wings and fly But there’s not enough money, ain’t got no time And yesterdays tears don’t count today
Trouble 03:07
Trouble (R. Cain 2007) (E) My Momma didn’t name me trouble (A) But it sure did find my life (C) And fit my (E) style (E) I’ve always had a taste for danger (A) I my talk to the Devil (C) But I don’t take his (E) advice CH (A) I maybe down, I maybe out I maybe something your momma warned (E) about (A) I maybe crude, I maybe rude I maybe someone, just for (E) you I may flirt with the dice and ponies And when pay day comes around I’ll post my bail I’ve always had a taste for whiskey I may swim in the bottle I don’t plan to drown
Gone Again 03:38
Gone Again R. Cain 2008 (D) You only come (G) see you when you’re (A7) lonely (G) And I'm lucky if its (A7) for a night or (D) two (D) The phone will ring (G) but I don’t want to (A7) answer (G) For fear of hearing (A7) you say that we’re (D) through CH: (G) I always (A7) fear the (D) dawn (G) When I (A7) hold you in my (D) arms (G) For I know (A7) when I wake (D) up you’ll be (G) gone, long (A7) gone, gone again (D) (D) I met your folks though (G) you said you were (A7) nervous (G) About your path in life that you (A7) haven’t lived at (D) all (D) We started young but (G) I don’t think that (A7) matters (G) My love for you has been (A7) solid all (D) along CH (D) Moving on is (G) something we’ve (A7) considered (G) But this small town’s kind of (A7) short on lonely (D) hearts (D) I’m not saying that the (G)…best of (A7) reasons (G) When I’m writing up a (A7) list that’s where I (D) start
These Five Strings (R. Cain 2008) Capo 1 (D) These five strings, those white (C) lines, and this old (D) bottle Put a lot of miles (C) between your heart and (D) mine Taking those (C) wrong turns on the (A) back roads leading (G) nowhere It only (C) serves to (A) drive me far (D) away These five strings those white lines and this old bottle Hold me tighter than those rusty prison chains It’s hard to be a man while I’m weight down by these shackles I know you tried but you can’t set me free Chorus (Em) When you wake up tomorrow (D) Take our picture off the wall Give away my clothes and records (C) Forget my name and (A) pray that I stay (D) gone These five strings those white lines and this old bottle Help pass the time and kill those memories Of the lies I told, your nights alone and my heavy way of living May the next in line not be a bit like me Ch.
The sheriff, a family and the man in the gallows Stand waiting for the first light of dawn The sheriff found him there Near the border South of Tucson He tracked him out a thousand miles across the range He'd held a ticket for the morning train to Nogales Had he caught it he'd a surely got away A wife kissed her husband as he headed out that morning She couldn't know that it would be her last good bye She'll raise her son the best she can manage Sell the business with the blood stains on the wall When money’s owed it can mean a lot of pressure He saw shadow in the back room of the store He raised his gun but he hadn't meant to fire A moments panic and a man fell to the floor
It's felt a long time coming But the weekends finally here, let’s take some time Dinner in the back yard, some California wine Sounds just right Kick off those old work shoes And let's forget the time When he sun goes down You'll be the brightest star tonight I got the kids off with the neighbors. It’s time, for you and I to have some fun They're going to be there ‘til morning, Now put your hand in mine and let’s get wild I don't think you could be more beautiful tonight In my eyes This time we have's a diamond, and just as hard to find, So let it shine Take off that old work dress, and let’s ignite the fire When he sun goes down You'll be the brightest star tonight
The Roses 03:33
I feel alright 'til the night comes Lessons of the heart I never seem to learn This emptiness I've come to know Is a truth I battle 'til the dawn I can't say the writing wasn't on the wall With my back against it I didn't see at all I'm the one to blame for the awful shape I'm in I've thrown away the roses again I played your love like a game Its no surprise I couldn't win Your love's a dangerous game One I couldn’t hope to win I've thrown away the roses again
(Reid Cain 2011) Intro [Em-D] [D] They buried him down near [G] Southwood road last [D] week Near the old oak tree that [G] hangs over Southwood [D] Creek now [C] don't go crying for Mrs. [Em] Jackson's loss She [C] put him under [Em] neath that cross for [C] all the hard times, the [G] black eyes, and a broken [D] heart [G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part [D7] They had a nice little place on the edge of town said they were planning to raise some kids and settle down but things were getting bad behind closed doors and what finally made her snap no one really knows some say the hard times, the black eyes and a broken heart [G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part Bridge Am-G-Em-G... Em-D [D] They buried him down near [G] Southwood road last [D] week Near the old oak tree that [G] hangs over Southwood [D] Creek if you want to hear more of Mrs. Jackson's tale you can go find her there at the old county jail doing hard time free of black eyes and a broken heart [G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part
The Old Days 03:09
(R. Cain 2010) capo 2 [A] That spring it started [D] hot as I re [A] call I got laid off down [D] at the hardware [A] store said folks don't come by [D] like the good old days They just hit the box store [G] off the new highway And I [C] know they [D] say It's the [C] modern [D] way And [C] things have gone to [D] far to turn back [A] now That [G] year deso [D] lation came to [A] town The summer never cooled and the lakes all dried and the crops all starved in perfect little lines And the farmers they all started looking lean but the grass in L.A. sure stayed nice and green Now the state it had her put in just last year with that highway you don't have to come round here just drive on through what once were planted fields then hit the box store I hear they got some deals
Wolves 03:45
(Reid Cain 2012) Capo 1 [Am] This old heart, is [G] beaten but not [Am] broken These old scars, they show I don't back down it's my time, to stand up and be counted it's my chance, to turn it all around [F] Now the wolves are [C] circling in the [G] darkness closing in just outside the flames they smell blood but in their eyes I see weakness [F] For they know this old [G] dog won't back [Am] down Am- C This old mind, got books of words unspoken These old eyes, have seen a lot of strife it's my time, to get up and start living it's my chance, to get it turned around Now the man, who writes the blacklist knows about me he's heard tales, and I'm sad to say they're true but it's my time, to stand up and be counted it's my chance, to turn it all around


released February 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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