by Red Eye Junction

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Wolves: The fourth studio album from Red Eye Junction.


released August 9, 2012

All Songs written by Reid Cain except #7 by Hayley Thomas.
Vocals: Reid Cain, Hayley Thomas
Guitar: Riley Allen, Butch Boswell, Jon Bartell, Dan Keller, Randall Sena, Reid Cain
Bass: Jamie Mather, Patrick Hayes, Tyler Mitchell, Chad Hoffman, Randall Sena
Drums: Mike McDonald, Mark Fulkrod
Fiddle: Scott Marlin, Greg Buergler
Cello: Bob Liepman
Mandolin: Dan Keller
Keys: Alex Kizanis
Backing Vocals: Curtis Marsh, Hayley Thomas
Voice actor: Phil Prost
Produced by Reid Cain. Mixed by Randall Sena at Certain Sparks Studios, Lompoc. Mastered by Big Label Sound, Las Vegas.


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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Track Name: Wolves
(Reid Cain 2012)
Capo 1
[Am] This old heart, is [G] beaten but not [Am] broken
These old scars, they show I don't back down
it's my time, to stand up and be counted
it's my chance, to turn it all around
Capo 1
[F] Now the wolves are [C] circling in the [G] darkness
closing in just outside the flames
they smell blood but in their eyes I see weakness
[F] For they know this old [G] dog won't back [Am] down

Am- C

This old mind, got books of words unspoken
These old eyes, have seen a lot of strife
it's my time, to get up and start living
it's my chance, to get it turned around

Now the man, who writes the blacklist knows about me
he's heard tales, and I'm sad to say they're true
but it's my time, to stand up and be counted
it's my chance, to turn it all around
Track Name: Southwood Road
(Reid Cain 2011)
Intro [Em-D]
[D] They buried him down near [G] Southwood road last [D] week
Near the old oak tree that [G] hangs over Southwood [D] Creek
now [C] don't go crying for Mrs. [Em] Jackson's loss
She [C] put him under [Em] neath that cross
for [C] all the hard times, the [G] black eyes, and a broken [D] heart
[G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part [D7]

They had a nice little place on the edge of town
said they were planning to raise some kids and settle down
but things were getting bad behind closed doors
and what finally made her snap no one really knows
some say the hard times, the black eyes and a broken heart
[G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part


[D] They buried him down near [G] Southwood road last [D] week
Near the old oak tree that [G] hangs over Southwood [D] Creek
if you want to hear more of Mrs. Jackson's tale
you can go find her there at the old county jail
doing hard time free of black eyes and a broken heart
[G] he weren't the devil but he [A7] sure did play the [D] part
Track Name: Moving On
(Reid Cain 2010)
Capo 1

[A] It's a long way up
then a [G] short and painful [A] fall
but a man will lose it all
if he don't stand straight and tall
in that [F] river of [G] love I'm just a [A] stone

Now I see the ways
I'd been digging my own grave
you had me living like a slave
check to check, and day by day
finally free of your ball and chain

[G] This chapters done gonna turn the page on this... [D] tragedy
[G] Burn that book pick the pieces up of what's [D] left of me
though [C] I don't believe, I've ever [G] felt so free... [one strike D]


Now I have the time
to focus on my life
try to make it worth a dime
take what's wrong and make it right
Feels so good to be moving on
Track Name: Old Days
(R. Cain 2010)

[C] say good bye to the [F] old days [C] honey
greet the new day [G] with a [C] smile
from now on its [F] coming up [C] aces
[G] sunny days and [F] clear blue [C] skies

say good bye to the days you felt lonely
say hello to a brand new life
Break it down then build it up stronger
we'll spread our wings and finally take flight

[Am] No one [G] said that this was gonna be [C] easy
Love takes work but its worth the time
Learn from the past with an eye on the future
Paint the bigger picture of our lives

Standing here at the top of this mountain
looking down on the valley below
thinking back on the path we followed
Grateful I didn't walk alone
Track Name: In the Valley
(R. Cain 2010)
¾ time capo 2

[C] taking turns at the wheel, driving all [G] night
[G] spinning the radio dial, there nothing to [C] find
Its an awfully long journey back home but is worth every mile
seeing the house where I grew up sure makes me smile

[Am] Home [G] sweet [C] home, [F] down in the [C] valley, [G] that little old [C] town


My folks still live out in a place where you can see the stars
away from the lights of this city and these small fenced in yards
We'll sit on the porch and we'll talk of the places we been
its so nice to back there in the valley again

Home sweet home, down in the valley, that little old town
Track Name: Wayward Pony
(Hayley Thomas 2012)
capo 1

[Em] Well, I've always been a wayward pony as [G] wild as the nights are [D] long
Don't [Em] put much faith in matrimony cause I [G don't plan to [D] stay [Em] around
You can pen me in with the others, but I'm [G] smarter than you [D] think
You [Em] can lead this pony to water but you [G] can't make this [D] pony [Em] drink

CH1: D A E Am
[G] Babe I was born to roam, [D] you know how this story goes
[Am] Man wants what he can't have and when he get it he don't
know quite what to do, now listen boy it's true
when you open up your eyes, I'll be... Long gone.

-break verse

Well, I've always been a wayward pony as wild as the sun is high
we'll go for a ride but you don't own me, no I don't plan to stay the night
When I go running across that meadow know my heart is running wild
I think of you and though it's a pity, I ain't gonna miss child


God's kingdom is our home, you know how that story goes,
many want what they can't have and when they get it they don't
know quite what to do, never had or known the rules
and when they open up their eyes life is long gone
Track Name: Living Proof
(R. Cain 2010)
capo 2

[C] I've always been a different, some say a little strange
standing on the outside trying to see in
but [F] I don't play [G] by the rules I've been [C] given
[F] Fall into line ain't [G] what I call [C] livin'

I've had to make changes to stay in the game
but I think they prefer everyone sounds the same
I don't want to part of that business
with all them clones driving all the decisions

[Am] I just want to pick up and [G] play this beat up old [C] guitar
telling stories about my life and where I been so far
Harlan said it's three chords and the truth
Here I am, living proof

Now we're pushing the boundaries, and leading the way
trying to make a little difference each and everyday
some say that we're fools or flat out dated
But I won't give up my faith in real country music
Track Name: This Time
(R. Cain 2010)

[Am] When the silence [F] starts I know your [C] leaving
[Am] though I know [F] you got a lot to [C] say
when you drive I off I have the feeling
that you might not be back [G] again

then I tell my self I'm wrong this [C] time
this time [F], this time [G],
I tell myself I'm wrong this [C] time

Lately its a fragile bridge between us
This kind of love won't pull us through
you won't calm down and I won't listen
We'll never hear each others point of [G] view

When I sleep I dream of sunshine
but I wake up to stormy skies
Its hard to see when you've been blinded
to the shattered look in a lovers eyes
Track Name: Desolation
(R. Cain 2010)
capo 2

[A] That spring it started [D] hot as I re [A] call
I got laid off down [D] at the hardware [A] store
said folks don't come by [D] like the good old days
They just hit the box store [G] off the new highway

And I [C] know they [D] say
It's the [C] modern [D] way
And [C] things have gone to [D] far to turn back [A] now
That [G] year deso [D] lation came to [A] town

The summer never cooled and the lakes all dried
and the crops all starved in perfect little lines
And the farmers they all started looking lean
but the grass in L.A. sure stayed nice and green

Now the state it had her put in just last year
with that highway you don't have to come round here
just drive on through what once were planted fields
then hit the box store I hear they got some deals
Track Name: For Me
(Reid Cain 2011)
[C] There's a heart
and its [Em] lonely
there's a clock
turning slowly
there's the bed
cold and empty
...[D] and the walls, and the [C] bars, [G] for me

There's a man
in a prison
for a crime
he won't deny
he hardly remembers
...[D] behind the walls, and the [C] bars, [G] for me

There's a wife
now six feet under
There's a boy
left without a home
and the days
stretch on forever
...[D] behind the walls, and the [C] bars, [G] for me

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