Wayward Pony

from Wolves by Red Eye Junction

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(Hayley Thomas 2012)
capo 1

[Em] Well, I've always been a wayward pony as [G] wild as the nights are [D] long
Don't [Em] put much faith in matrimony cause I [G don't plan to [D] stay [Em] around
You can pen me in with the others, but I'm [G] smarter than you [D] think
You [Em] can lead this pony to water but you [G] can't make this [D] pony [Em] drink

CH1: D A E Am
[G] Babe I was born to roam, [D] you know how this story goes
[Am] Man wants what he can't have and when he get it he don't
know quite what to do, now listen boy it's true
when you open up your eyes, I'll be... Long gone.

-break verse

Well, I've always been a wayward pony as wild as the sun is high
we'll go for a ride but you don't own me, no I don't plan to stay the night
When I go running across that meadow know my heart is running wild
I think of you and though it's a pity, I ain't gonna miss child


God's kingdom is our home, you know how that story goes,
many want what they can't have and when they get it they don't
know quite what to do, never had or known the rules
and when they open up their eyes life is long gone


from Wolves, released August 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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