from the REJ album 'Standing in the Shadows' 2008


Gone Again
R. Cain 2008

(D) You only come (G) see you when you’re (A7) lonely
(G) And I'm lucky if its (A7) for a night or (D) two
(D) The phone will ring (G) but I don’t want to (A7) answer
(G) For fear of hearing (A7) you say that we’re (D) through

(G) I always (A7) fear the (D) dawn
(G) When I (A7) hold you in my (D) arms
(G) For I know (A7) when I wake (D) up
you’ll be (G) gone, long (A7) gone, gone again (D)

(D) I met your folks though (G) you said you were (A7) nervous
(G) About your path in life that you (A7) haven’t lived at (D) all
(D) We started young but (G) I don’t think that (A7) matters
(G) My love for you has been (A7) solid all (D) along


(D) Moving on is (G) something we’ve (A7) considered
(G) But this small town’s kind of (A7) short on lonely (D) hearts
(D) I’m not saying that the (G)…best of (A7) reasons
(G) When I’m writing up a (A7) list that’s where I (D) start


from Past / Present / Future, released February 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Red Eye Junction San Luis Obispo

Red Eye Junction walks the line with a powerful blend of classic twang and modern edge. With more than 350 shows under their belts, a European tour and four acclaimed albums, their latest album, "Meat and Bones" was released Spring 2018.

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